Fri, Aug 31, 2018 – by RedPlum

We Asked, You Answered: Coupon Preferences Revealed

We Asked, You Answered: Coupon Preferences Revealed 1

Earlier this summer, many of you participated in the 2018 Purse String Survey to share your couponing opinions for a chance to win a $250 gift card. More than 6,200 of you responded (thank you) with invaluable insights about your couponing habits and shopping preferences.

To kick off National Coupon Month, we are sharing a few interesting tidbits from our survey results.

  • Coupons are helping you save money on a regular basis. 35% of you save $11 - $30 weekly by using coupons. 30% save over $30 a week.
  • Couponers are interested in finding coupons, coupon codes and deals for a variety of category purchases. 93% of you seek to save on groceries, 68% want deals for dining out at restaurants, and 62% browse for savings on healthcare items. Other expenses such as travel (33%) and prescription drugs (20%) are popular categories where you are looking to save.
  • Despite the continued rise in popularity of online shopping, couponers told us they are still making shopping trips to physical store locations. The top 3 reasons respondents said they were more likely to go to the store than shop online were 1) the desire to see or touch an item in person before making a purchase (70%), 2) needing the item immediately (66%), and 3) the ability to redeem more coupons and offers in-store rather than online (65%).
  • However, couponers are still technologically minded shoppers. 21% own an in-home voice assistant device/smart speaker. Of these owners, 32% are interested in receiving coupons or discounts via their devices.
  • Today's value-seekers don't want to miss a deal and are always looking for various opportunities to save. The top 3 ways they are using coupons are 1) printing out digital coupons for use in stores (44%), 2) using print and digital coupons equally (43%), and 3) using mostly print coupons (40%).

These results show that coupon lovers crave savings on all types of products and search for deals through a variety of sources. Savvy shoppers are open to new technologies to make couponing more convenient and efficient, but still value a traditional, in-store shopping experience. Couponers are eager to find deals on everyday purchases and look to both print and digital coupon formats to secure even greater savings.