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Best Free Switch Games for Kids

Want to give your kids some new Nintendo Switch games without breaking the bank? Try these free game suggestions from Save!

Best Free Switch Games for Kids

Are you ready to load up your Nintendo Switch with games for your kids? Switch games can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can find a lot of Switch games on sale throughout the year, but even those can add up over time. At Save, we’re committed to helping you find the best deals…and what could be better than free? Here is our roundup of the best free Switch games for kids.

Jump Rope Challenge

Want to get your kids up and moving while still allowing them to enjoy their Switch? This fun game offers the best of both worlds. With an adorable, customizable bunny as their avatar, kids use a pair of controllers to simulate the jump rope handles. They can play alone or compete against each other for the best score.

Comic Coloring Book

The ubiquitous childhood pastime of coloring pictures goes high-tech with this story-based game. Kids can access three different stories about siblings and their toys. Each story offers four different drawings for children to color. The stories teach lessons about friendship and joy, while the act of coloring helps build important fundamental skills.

Pokémon Quest

With a cube-shaped art style reminiscent of Minecraft, this adorable game encourages exploration. Kids can set up and decorate their base camp, and set their characters free to explore. As the Pokémon bring home new items, kids can use them to attract new characters to the camp.

Color Zen

It’s a busy world out there, and even kids need time to relax and de-stress. This meditative game focuses on simply matching colors. Matched blocks disappear until the screen is filled with single-color blocks. There’s just one catch—the final color on the screen must match the color of the border. It’s a great relaxation activity for kids and parents alike.

Tetris 99

Introduce your kids to the classic puzzle block game in a whole new way. They’ll play online against 98 competitors, battling for the championship. In this new version, they will be able to send garbage blocks to others, filling up their screens and making them more difficult to clear. If your kids have a competitive spirit, this game can keep them busy for hours.

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A Nintendo Switch is sure to be a hit with any kid, and these free Switch games will bring hours of delight. But even the most dedicated gamer kid needs a break now and then. At Save, it’s our mission to spark joy while helping you save money. Take a look at our roundup of free things for kids, learn to save on expenses at the zoo, or find out how to go backpacking on a budget. Be sure to visit the Save Coupon Book Finder to look for discounts and deals in your own backyard.